4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Work Properly

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One thing that can often be fixed by DIY homeowners is a problem with a garage door. Performing basic maintenance and fixing small garage door repairs can save you money. If your garage door isn't operating properly, it could be due to one of these 4 reasons:

1. Door Sensors Are Misaligned

Garage door sensors are also called photo eyes. There is one photo eye at the bottom of each side of the garage door. An invisible beam runs between these eyes, and when that beam is broken, the door won't close. This is a safety feature to prevent the garage door closing on a person or pet. Sometimes, these sensors become misaligned because a screw has come lose or a sensor was bumped by a trash can. Simply readjust the photo eyes with a screw driver to correct the alignment problem and resume normal garage door operation.

2. Vacation Lock Is Engaged

Many electric garage door openers are equipped with a vacation lock on the wall console. This is a security feature that stops all electrical function of the door opener when it's closed, which is perfect for when you go away on vacation. Sometimes the switch can be accidentally tripped. All you have to do is flip it back to disengage the vacation lock, and the door should be fully functional again.

3. One Or Both Springs Are Broken

Over time, garage door springs get worn out. Combine normal wear and tear with fluctuating temperatures throughout the year, and a garage door spring is bound to break. This is one repair that is best left for the professionals because it's very dangerous. Not only can you further damage the garage door by incorrectly installing a spring, but you can also injure yourself due to the extreme amount of tension in the spring. For professional help with this issue, visit a site like http://aaagaragedoorinc.com.

4. The Disconnect Switch Is Unhooked

Another safety feature found on many garage door openers is a disconnect switch. This is usually attached to a knob or rope that hangs down and can easily be unhooked. The purpose of this switch is to allow you to manually open and close the garage door if you lose electricity. To fix this, simply open the door all the way, reattach the hook, and then use the transmitter to close and reopen the door.

If your garage door isn't working properly, it could be due to one of the issues listed above. If you've gone through the list and you still can't figure out why your garage door isn't working properly, then call your local garage door repair technician. He or she will be happy to help you.