3 Maintenance Tasks That You Can Do To Ensure Your Wooden Garage Door Lasts

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If you have a wooden garage door installed on your home, maintenance is important to ensure you do not have problems. This can include applying sealants and protector to reduce wear to the wood, as well as light repair work. If you want to have a wooden garage door that lasts for many more years, here are some of the maintenance tasks that will help you get more out of your garage door: 

1. Regular Sealing And Stain To Prevent Wear And Discoloration

Staining the wood on your door can give it unique custom color, as well as help protect it from the weather. This is why it is important to apply a sealant to your door every couple of years, which can include a stain and sealant. This will help to prevent problems with weathering of your wood garage door. If your garage door gets a lot of direct sunlight, look for a sealant that also has a UV protector in it, which will help reduce discoloration that comes from sun exposure.

2. Repairing Mechanical Equipment To Prevent Warping Of Wood

Just like with all garage doors, wooden doors include mechanical features, such as tracks, springs, and cables. These features need to be inspected regularly to ensure your door is working properly. With wood doors, it is also important to check things like balancing and the tracks, which will help prevent warping of the wood when there are problems with the mechanical features that need repairs.

3. Replacing And Repairing Wood That Is Damaged Or Rotten When Needed

Even with regular maintenance, there may eventually be parts of your wood garage door that become damaged. This can be due to things like rot, or cracks from exposure to the elements. When these parts of your door become damage, you may want to talk with a garage door repair service about replacing them. Sometimes, the wood components can be repaired or just a small section of the door replaced, rather than replacing your entire garage door.

These are some maintenance tasks that will help you get more out of your garage door. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to your door, contact a garage door sales service to get the parts you need for maintenance to your wooden garage door. They can help you with the parts and repairs to ensure your door lasts for many more years before it needs to be replaced.