What Goes Up Must Come Down: 3 Problems That Might Interfere With Your Garage Door

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You rely on your garage door to get you into your garage quickly. This is particularly important during inclement weather. If your garage door doesn't open when you press the button on your remote control, you know you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Even with proper maintenance, your garage door can still experience minor problems. Here are just a few of the minor issues that can prevent your door from operating properly.  

Garage Door Not Closing All the Way

If your garage door isn't going all the way down to the floor when it closes, you may have a problem with the automatic sensors. This is especially true if the door goes halfway down and abruptly reverses itself. The sensors are located on the tracks about 6" off the ground on each side of the garage door frame. The sensors must be aligned with each other or the door won't close properly. Slowly move one of the sensors until the beam is directed at the opposite sensor. You'll have to continue adjusting until the door closes properly.

Garage Door Has Started Slipping the Tracks

Your garage door should move smoothly along the tracks. If the door has started slipping the tracks, you probably have a buildup of dirt and grease along the surface of the tracks. You can solve the problem by cleaning the tracks.

Fill a bucket with hot water. Add a cup of grease-fighting liquid detergent. Use a soft cloth to wash the tracks. A thorough cleaning will remove the dirt and grease that's interfering with the proper movement of your garage door.  To keep your garage door operating properly, you should wash the tracks at least twice a year.

Garage Door Has Started to Jam

Does your garage door seem to jam at the same place every time you try to use it? If it does, you might have a problem with the tracks. Take a good look at both tracks and look for signs of damage. Look for loose bolts as well as areas of the track that might be bent or damaged. Tighten or replace any loose or missing bolts. Be sure to contact a repair technician to take care of any damaged portions of the track.

You need your garage door to function properly. One way to ensure that is to have it serviced by a professional garage door technician at least once a year. It's also important that you take care of any problems as soon as they develop. The list provided above will help you identify any minor problems you might experience. To find out more, go to website