Garage Door Troubleshooting: Tension Springs And The Issues They Cause

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When your garage door is working as it should, you probably don't give much thought to what makes it run smoothly. When it starts to act up, however, it's important to understand the door's mechanisms so you can properly address the issue. Below are three common garage door problems, all having to do with the tension springs.

Problem #1: The Garage Door is Unaligned  

There are two possible things that could be causing this problem. The first one is an obstruction on the tracks, while the second one is an issue with the springs.

The easiest solution, and the one you should try before all else, is to properly clean the door's tracks and be sure there aren't any obstructions. This should only take a matter of minutes and could solve the issue. If that doesn't seem to work, the issue is most likely the springs. The springs on both sides of the doors should be even, whether they're being stretched or not. If they are not, this issue can be fixed by replacing one or both springs, or hiring a garage door repair technician to do so for you.

Problem #2: Door Strains While Opening  

If your door seems to have difficulty opening, there is most likely an issue with the torsion springs above the door.

As mentioned above, these springs can cause uneven alignment of the garage door, but if not coiled properly, they can also fail to do their job, and that's to allow the door to open with ease. If the torsion springs are improperly adjusted, it can make the door heavier, meaning the opener will struggle to lift the door, and it will also be difficult to do so manually. Torsion springs are better left to the professionals as they can be dangerous to handle without the proper training and equipment.

Problem #3: Door Falls Quickly When Being Closed

This can be a serious issue that is not only dangerous, but can also cause permanent damage to your garage door. This issue goes beyond an improperly adjusted spring, and usually means the spring is entirely broken or not connected at all.

The torsion springs are what do the heavy lifting, so if the door is falling too quickly, you know that one or both of them isn't doing their job. This can lead to serious bodily injury, which is why the professionals should be called in for repairs. The fix could be a simple replacement of the broken spring(s) or a reconnection of the springs to the cables supporting them.

When your garage door is giving you trouble, it's best to leave the repairs to the professionals. The springs that allow garage doors to function properly require a delicate hand, and trained garage door repair technicians are the best equipped individuals to deal with them. If you're having garage door trouble, call now to have a technician sent out to your home. To find out more, contact a business like Door Doctor Inc.