Two Tips To Help You Keep Your Automatic Garage Door In Great Condition

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Your automatic garage door is a very valuable part of your home.  However, like most items that work with moving parts, you may find that your electric garage door doesn't operate as smoothly as it once did.  The constant up and down motion, combined with exposure to the elements, can take quite a toll on your door and leave you with a device that either works very sparingly, or is completely out of commission.  Use these tips so that you can keep your automatic garage door in great condition.

Keep The Rails And Rollers On Your Garage Door Well Oiled

One of the best ways to ensure that your automatic garage door remains in great shape is to keep the rails and rollers that operate your garage door well oiled.  This can be somewhat compared to the water that lubricates your own joints.  You may notice that when you don't drink enough water, your joints creak incessantly.  However, when you are well hydrated, your joints and limbs operate more efficiently and you'll find that you have a greater range of motion that is not accompanied with noisy creaks or pain.

In the same way, when you oil the rails and rollers of your garage door, you'll find that it lifts and lowers much more smoothly than when the tracks and bearings have been allowed to become dry and brittle.  It's recommended that you use a heavy duty silicone spray to oil your rails, since it will keep your rollers lubricated for a longer time.

Test Your Sensors

Another maintenance tip that can go a long way toward helping you keep your electric garage door in good shape is to test the sensors.  This is important because if the sensors on your garage door don't work properly, it may mistakenly close down upon an object, whether that object be your vehicle or a small child.

The best way to test your sensors is to hit the 'close' button on your garage door controller and once the door is about halfway closed, place a piece of wood beneath it.  If the door does not immediately open back up, you will want to have it serviced right away so you can avoid sustaining further damage if the garage door strikes something.

Keeping your garage door working efficiently is the perfect way to avoid dealing a hefty repair bill.  Start using these tips today so you can enjoy a working garage door for as long as possible. For more tips, contact a company like DSI Door Services North Shore.