Garage Door Materials To Complement Any Home's Style

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There are a wide array of garage door materials available to homeowners. These doors can add considerable charm and safety to your home, as well as enhance the overall architectural style. When choosing a garage door material, consider the style of your house, your climate and how much maintenance you want to invest.

Traditional Steel

One of the most commonly seen garage doors is fashioned out of steel. Panels are typically added to increase the attractiveness. These are versatile and can fit nearly any style of architecture. The best doors will offer powder coated paint finishes to improve durability and avoid rusting. Some have realistic faux-wood grain paint options.


Vinyl garage doors are very similar in appearance to traditional steel doors. Vinyl garage doors are very durable and require little maintenance, but they cannot take paint, so homeowners are limited to the factory colors offered by manufacturers and suppliers. Some benefits of vinyl doors include their resistance to dents and rust, and their low maintenance needs. Vinyl garage doors frequently come with a wood grain texture on them to mimic the look of wood. 


Fiberglass is considered a step above both vinyl and steel, offering the best combination of elegance, ease of care and durability. It is available in a range of panel styles as well as many realistic wood grain textures and stains. Fiberglass doesn't rot, warp, rust or dent, and it can be painted or stained just like wood. 


Very few materials can compete with the beauty of wood in garage doors.  Wood doors are often found in use as carriage doors in traditional panel configurations. Wood garage doors require regular maintenance but offer superior insulation as long as the seals are properly cared for.  


Aluminum garage doors are most suitable for homes with modern, futuristic architecture. They feature clean lines and very durable construction, but are prone to dents. Often they are glass-heavy with panels of glass framed in aluminum. These come in a range of factory powder coated paint finishes, and can be repainted as needed.


Copper doors offer incredible beauty, developing a rich patina over time that creates a truly stunning appearance. These doors can be fashioned to match nearly any type of architecture. Flush panel styles blend perfectly with the clean lines of modern architecture, while more boxed or grooved panels match more traditional homes. 

Your new garage door will likely last at least a lifetime, so be sure you consider all these options before you make your final decision.