3 Warning Signs To Help You Know When Your Garage Door Needs Repair

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If you were to monitor the number of times people open and close their garage doors annually, it wouldn't take long before you lose count. There's no doubt that your garage door wears out every time the door moves up or down. With that said, it's important to examine garage doors every so often. That way, you will know when it's time to call a garage door repair expert. Read on to find out the signs you should look out for.

1. Sluggish Response

Under normal circumstances, a garage door takes a couple of seconds to open or close. If yours seems to take ages after pressing the opener, you need to contact a garage door repair professional. The same applies if it seems to have jerking movements.

To that end, poor lubrication might be the culprit behind the slow response. In this case, lubrication will help fix the problem. But remember that not every lubricant out there is suitable. For that reason, you need to consult with a professional lest you end up using the wrong one.

Note that some garage doors come with speed control settings. The settings are a safety feature that helps slow the door's operation speed, a big advantage for homes with children and elderly persons. Therefore, ensure you check the settings to ensure they are not to blame for the sluggish response.

2. Weird Noises

There's no doubt that most garage doors make some sound when in operation. But excess noise is a red flag that you shouldn't ignore as it's an early warning that all is not well. Keep in mind that different sounds point to different problems. For example, rumbling or grating noise suggests that the springs might be wearing out. Squeaking shows that the railings or hinges are perhaps faulty. Generally, if there's an odd sound coming from your garage door, it's important to have it professionally examined and fixed.

3. Failure to Close or Open

There's undoubtedly something wrong with a garage door that won't open or close. The remote's batteries are the first thing that should cross your mind whenever this happens. After all, your remote will work with dead batteries, so your door will not respond. If replacing them doesn't fix the problem, the control panel most likely has a problem. The torsion springs might also need replacement.

The need to take good care of your garage door cannot be overstated. If you have noticed any of the above signs, you need to contact a local garage door repair service.