Summer Preparation: How To Get Your Garage Door Ready For Summer

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Once the cold, winter months are behind you, it is time to make sure that you are ready for summer. It's the perfect time to perform routine maintenance on your garage door. This is because the winter conditions can be very hard on garage doors and its parts, which may result in the need of touch-ups, repairs and possibly even replacement. While everything may look okay at first glance, it's better to do a full inspection now to save yourself time and money later. Here are a few tips to get your garage door ready for summer:

Clean the Garage Door

In some cases, the garage isn't always kept clean. This is particularly true when your garage is primarily used for the storage of your car, tools, etc. All of these can easily collect grease, dirt and dust, which can then get caught in the mechanical and electrical pieces of the garage door. However, even the exterior of your garage door is at risk for damage since it is exposed to various outside elements. Therefore, you need to fully clean the door on the inside and the outside. Usually, a mild detergent diluted with water and a scrubbing brush with soft bristles will do the trick.

Protect the Door from Damage

As mentioned, dust is going to build up on the door and in the most integral operating pieces of the door. So, you may want to consider adding a thin protective layer of car wax to help prevent the buildup of dust. For wood doors, consider applying a brand new coat of paint and then a water sealant to help protect against rot. If you notice severe rot, you will likely need to replace the whole door. For steel doors, first sand down any rust and apply a zinc primer.

Lubricate Moving Parts of the Door

To help prevent any damage to the mechanical and operating part of the door, ensure that all moving parts, such as hinges tracks and rollers, are frequently lubricated. This also ensures that the garage door continues to operate properly. Just be careful to not apply too much lubrication, as a thick layer of lubrication can accumulate dirt and dust, which can eventually cause the parts to wear prematurely. For optimal results, use a lubrication oil that is designed specifically for use with garage doors.

Inspect for General Wear and Tear

The cables of your garage door will wear out eventually, so it is important to keep an eye on them. Inspect them for any worn or frayed areas. If you notice any damage like this or anything similar, have the cables replaced immediately by a professional to ensure proper operation of your garage door and the safety of yourself and family members. Take the time to also inspect the rods, supports, ball-bearings, hinges and other pieces that you can visually see. If you notice anything is damaged or loose, you will need to repair the issue as soon as possible to avoid major problems in the future.

If you do not feel comfortable inspecting you garage door and its parts yourself, contact a local garage door company, such as Caspersen Garage Doors. They can come out and perform a full inspection, while also providing an estimate for any needed repairs or replacement.